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Brioche Pasquier

How your special memories could win you a family holiday worth £2,000

Share your snaps and you could win a voucher for the getaway of a lifetime, plus a bundle of delicious Brioche Pasquier goodies

The most special moments in life stay with you forever. Like the day in 1936 when Gabriel Pasquier proudly opened the doors of his bakery in a small French village. Little did he know then it would go on to be Brioche Pasquier, the international brand famous for baking life’s special moments.

Intrigued to find out when life’s special moments are most likely to happen, Brioche Pasquier decided to ask 2,000 adults for their help – and the results are fascinating.

According to its research, at the age of 12 we’re most likely to experience the adrenalin hit of our first rollercoaster ride, followed by the passion of our first kiss at 15. Then at 16, it’s the excitement of our first gig, the thrill of our first real boyfriend or girlfriend at 17, then the heartbreak of our first break up at 18.

Even more interesting, nearly 73% of the people quizzed said they take photos or videos to remember these special moments – and 36% spend hours scrolling back through social media to re-live some of their best times. Around 75% even said they wished they’d kept more keepsakes of their most life-shaping events.


Now it’s your turn. Hot on the heels of this research, Brioche Pasquier is asking the nation to capture some of its most precious moments on camera for a very special competition. The first prize is a family holiday voucher worth £2,000, plus a year’s supply of Brioche rolls, PITCH Chocolate and PITCH Chocolate Chip, Pains au Chocolat and Croissants. Four runners up will also receive some special treats. How sweet is that?

All you have to do is capture your special moments, and upload them to, explaining why they mean so much to you. The competition closes on 12 October 2019 and the winner will be announced on 24 October 2019.

Don’t forget to also upload your photos to Brioche Pasquier’s Facebook page (@uk.briochepasquier) or tag them on Instagram (@pasquier_uk) using the hashtag #shareaspecialmoment to share your image even further!


Before you get started, here’s some helpful advice from Instagram buff and photographer extraordinaire @notsofunnydad, who will be judging your efforts!

1. Plan ahead

Before doing anything, let’s do the basics first. Think about what’s in your life and what you want to share with your audience. Develop your own style and niche – and that could be anything from colour, theme or food to travel or family.

2. Use natural light

Lighting is key – no filter can save a picture that’s poorly lit. If you’re outdoors, early morning, late afternoon and overcast days are the prime times for shooting. Indoors, use white walls or pick up some foam board from an art shop to use as your backdrop.

3. Use your eyes

You should always use your eyes and not your lens first, take your time and really observe what is in front of you. Your image should have strong colours and very defined shapes and lines to make your photo stand out.

4. Be different

Try taking pictures from unusual viewpoints. A normal scene can look amazing if shot from a completely different perspective. Shoot from up high or right down on the ground or play with distance to achieve the most interesting pictures.

5. Play with props

Experiment with different objects, whether that’s food, a puddle or a bench – suddenly your picture is alive with stories. If you also mix your object with unusual viewpoints, you’ll be able to create an amazing perspective shot.