What to buy from the Simone Rocha X HM Kids Collection

We haven't set our alarm clock to shop online for a very long time but if anything was going to get our digits drumming in anticipation it would be Simone Rocha for children and adults at H&M prices...

Published: March 3, 2021 at 9:00 am

It's not often that H&M's designer collaborations offer a children's range, but perhaps the fact that designer Simone Rocha is a mother herself has prompted her to include the whole family in her amazing collection for the high street retailer.


The Simone Rocha X H&M collection is absolutely stunning and the kids' offering is exceptional. We adore the full silhouette dresses, beautifully designed knits and practical jersey pieces that are direct replicas or heavily influenced by pieces in the adult collection so that you can twin with your mini-me to your hearts content. Irish born designer Simone (and daughter of John Rocha) works in a very ethically conscious way and H&M's commitment to sustainability was a big factor in her decision to collaborate with them. We were excited to learn that a large proportion of the collection is made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and a new compostable yarn.

Fans of Rocha's super feminine yet wearable and comfortable designs that typically sell for hundreds of pounds, will love this romantic collection that displays many of her signature details including pearl trims, embroidery, bold plaids and billowing silhouettes. It's no coincidence that this collaboration launches in Simone Rocha's 10th year of designing and fans will see tribute paid to her entire back catalogue in this beautifully considered collection of keepsake clothing.

We'll be logging on, March 11th, straight after the school run...

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Pearl embellished Short Sleeved Shirt, £29.99, Simone Rocha X H&M

simone ro hm

A-Line Cloque Dress, £39.99; 2-pack Bow-Detail Socks, £9.99; Silk Blend Ballet Pumps, £59.99, all Simone Rocha X H&M

simone r

BOY: Wool-Blend Cable-Knit Sweater, £34.99; Cropped Wool Trousers, £34.99; Plaid Low Profile Trainers, £59.99; GIRL: Broderie Anglaise Dress, £49.99; 2-pack Bow-Detail Socks, £9.99; 4-pack Bow Hair Clips, £17.99; Silk Blend Ballet Pumps, £59.99, all Simone Rocha X H&M

simone rocha hm collab

Puffer Jacket, £59.99; Cropped Wool Trousers, £34.99; 2-Pack Bow Detail Socks, £9.99; Plaid Low Profile Trainers, £59.99; 4-pack Hair Bows, £17.99; 2-Pack Alice Bands, £17.99, all Simone Rocha X H&M

simro plaits

Cable-Kinit Wool-Blend Cardigan, £34.99; Flounce-Trimmed Cotton Blouse, £34.99; Cropped Cotton Trousers, £29.99; 2-Pack Alice Bands, £17.99; 4-Pack Hair bows, £17.99; 2-Pack Bow Detail Socks, £9.99; Silk-Blend Ballet Pumps, £59.99, all Simone Rocha X H&M

Simone Rocha HM

Flounce-Trimmed Cotton Dress, £39.99; 4-Pack Hair bows, £17.99; 2-Pack Bow Detail Socks, £9.99; Silk-Blend Ballet Pumps, £59.99, all Simone Rocha X H&M

SIMONE ROCHA X H&M Designer Collaboration : The Seven Pieces we would make a Beeline for

It's hard to prioritise when you're in a fluster so we've made a shortlist of our absolute favourite kids' pieces so that you can commit to basket and head to check-out as swiftly as possible!


1. This red Aran style sweater is fabulous, will last forever and is destined to be handed down through many grateful siblings and friends. The bright red sets it apart from other Aran style sweaters and we love the tight knitting stitch design which looks high quality and expensive. >> Wool-Blend Cable-Kinit Sweater, £34.99, Simone Rocha X H&M


2. The perfect shade of bubblegum pink, this textured dress dress bears many of Simone Rocha's hallmark design features with its asymmetric waistline, full sleeves and structural fabric. A party dress hit and for many years to come! >> A-Line Cloque Dress, £39.99, Simone Rocha X H&M

6091-Pearl-SL-Portrait-300-106 copy

3. Red shoes of dreams. That is all. >> Silk-Blend Ballet Pumps, £59.99, Simone Rocha X H&M


4. Another stunning dress that will get plenty of wear for smart and casual events. The asymmetric waistline, dropped hem and Broderie Anglaise fabric all scream Simone Rocha. >> Broderie Anglaise Dress, £49.99, Simone Rocha X H&M


5. This is probably one of the most adorable and versatile cardigans we have ever seen. The pearl buttons give this knit a real lift and again that tight knit Aran design screams quality. >> Cable-Knit Wool-Blend Cardigan, £34.99, Simone Rocha x H&M


6. This is one of those low key items you might ordinarily overlook but we think this will be one of those pieces that gets worn time and time again and the price is fantastic. Perfect for boys and girls who want a little edge. >> Photo Print T-shirt, £12.99, Simone Rocha X H&M


7. This adorable quilted jacket will look gorgeous with jeans and t-shirt or worn over dresses on cool summer evenings. We love the flower fasteners and contrast piping. >> Puffer Jacket, £59.99, Simone Rocha X H&M

simro women

And don't forget the womenswear collection or the mens' for that matter. Everything is just stunning. You can see the whole collection here>>


DATE FOR THE DIARY: The Simone Rocha X H&M collection will be available online on March 11th at hm.com

(All images from H&M, Photographs by Ben Toms)


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