Pre-Loved Designer Kids’ Clothes You’ll Love

Meet the new pre-loved designer childrenswear platform that will change your shopping habits for the better…

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In an age when we’re becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability and how our shopping habits impact on the environment, there is a definite boom in the market for pre-loved and vintage clothing. While there are plenty of beautifully curated, dedicated websites for adult clothing, finding a one stop shop for premium quality, pre-loved and past season childrenswear hasn’t been so easy. Until now!


Enter Kidswear Collective, the online shopping platform where you’ll find hundreds of gorgeous designer and high-end baby and kid’s clothes to fulfil all your shopping desires without any of the guilt. Well, maybe just the spending part but the prices here are extremely reasonable considering their original price tags and the great condition they are in.

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What sets the site apart from the usual on-line pre-loved model is that amongst the sellers there are several well known influencers selling their back catalogue of Instagram candy kid’s clothes. This means that you can shop the Stella McCartney piece that you saw their daughter wear a few season’s prior, for less than half the original price and you can be alerted when new pieces from your favourite sellers drop. We’ve got our eye on Deborah Brett, Holly Scarsella and Pearl Lowe’s wares…

Founder, Shoshana Kazab is one of the most respected children’s clothing PR’s in the country with a roster of clients that could (and frequently do) stock the entire children’s department at Harrods and as a result works with a whole host of celebrities and influencers. Her conversations with influencers, designers and her own growing concerns about sustainability and the short lifecycle of so many kids clothes meant that it was almost inevitable that she would come up with the brilliant concept of Kidswear Collective.

Kidswear Collective founder Shoshana Kazab
Kidswear Collective founder Shoshana Kazab

Shoshana told Junior,

I’m very fortunate to have worked with the top influencers and some of the best brands and wanted to find a way to create something very special which could address our urgent need to reduce waste in the fashion industry, but also make available designer pieces at affordable prices. Our access to stock is unrivalled, as we are able to obtain from multiple sources including private sellers, samples and even garments used in fashion shoots.

And you don’t have to be an influencer to sell your clothes on the site. Anyone can become a seller but all items must pass the Kidswear Collective ‘8-step inspection process’ to ensure only the highest quality collections are stocked, making this a great place to shop and to make something back on those splurge buys that you just couldn’t resist when they were full price. If you still need to straighten up that shopping halo (ours regularly slips but we’re working on it) you’ll be even more excited to hear that Kidswear Collective donates up to 5% of all sales to the NSPCC and any unsold items are donated to the family charity, Little Village.

Bravo KC! We’ve saved to bookmarks already.

Junior’s Kidswear Collective Picks

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  1. Skirt, £35, Bonpoint
  2. Dress, £70, Little Wardrobe London
  3. Hat, £30, Pinco-Pallino
  4. Socks, £5, Caramel
  5. Baby Blanket, £35, Kidscase
  6. Dress, £40, Stella McCartney Kids
  7. Sweater and Shorts set, £32, Mebi
  8. Jacket, £100, Bonpoint

All available at Kidswear Collective