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Family adventures on the Isle of Wight

Visit this wild and windswept isle for a series of exciting challenges

Posted: 30 May 2013
by Fiona McKim

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The Cliffs of Adventure Challenge

After an astonishingly scenic drive along the island’s southern coastline in our Skoda Estate Greenline Elegance 1.6 TD, the golden cliffs of Compton Bay come into view, the setting for the prehistoric Cliffs of Adventure challenge.

Young Jurassic adventurers will be thrilled to discover that the Isle of Wight is actually Europe’s most important site for dinosaur remains, thanks to the soft clay cliffs, which continuously erode to reveal prehistoric relics.

The challenge? Discover iguanodon footsteps on the beach, spot the 130 million year old red and blue sand layers in the cliffs and climb out onto a the pine raft, a collection of fossilised trees including an enormous ancient Monkey puzzle.

Despite the extreme title, this challenge is much more like play than work. Adults can stroll beneath the dramatic jagged coastline while children will have a hoot playing archaeologist, spotting the evidence of our toothsome predecessors and maybe discovering a prehistoric artefact of their own (it may just be a shell, but why spoil the fun?)

After this bracing beginning, things were about to look up - literally - for the next challenge, the Wilds Of Adventure…

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