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Best Travel Product for Parents | Junior Design Awards 2018

These winning Best Travel Products for Parents make travelling a breeze for every family...

Posted: 20 August 2018
Best Travel Product for Parents | Junior Design Awards 2018



WHAT: The ultimate mobile sleeping solution: a bunk bed, single beds or a bench. And, all neatly pack down into 2 portable bags.

WHY: A bunk bed in a bag. Holidays, sleepovers, camping and family visits will be made so much easier with Kid-O-Bunk. Having supplied the Military & emergency relief for the last 10 years these bunks are well tested and trusted worldwide - and a great new product to the market. The judges thought so too. Perfect for sleepovers and for those with multiple children. "Love love the concept! Love how it folds down!" exclaimed Junior Travel Writer Karen Beddow. Yvadney Davis (a children's fashion and interiors stylist) simply said "Genius!!!!!" 

Interiors guru Lisa Mehydene (of Edit 58) said: "Genius idea! Absolutely love the flexibility it provides, and the small size to which it bundles down and can be transported/stored. Also know my children would love sleeping on it."

WHERE: Kid-O-Bunk, Amazon  


Best Travel Product for Parents | Junior Design Awards 2018



WHAT: A Bundle Bed is the all-in-one bed offering it ALL in one neat bundle. Easy to carry, quick and easy to roll out for a comfortable night’s sleep whether at home, camping or at festivals.

WHY: This is a revolutionary portable Bundle Bed that is the ultimate sleeping alternative to a conventional bed. Unclip, unroll, unzip and sleep! Not only comfy and practical, Bundle Beds are durable and washable too. The fully-bundled bed comes complete with a slim, but super-comfortable, self-inflating mattress and built-in luxury duvet and pillow, plus soft, cosy 100% jersey cotton sheets. Our Editor Bonita Turner who has tried the bed out said "My daughter uses these on all her sleepovers - in fact I think she prefers it to her usual bed!"

WHERE: Bundle Beds


Best Travel Product for Parents | Junior Design Awards 2018



WHAT: Designed for the award-winning traveller cot, the Phil & Teds Traveller Bassinet accessory converts your traveller cot into a portable bassinet for your infant. 

WHY: This extra accessory adapts the Phils & Teds Traveller (2017+ version only) into a bassinet that is raised off the floor making the baby easy to reach and scoop up. Perfect for travelling with young infants. Together with traveller, they make the perfect partners to your parenting day (and night) and allowing you to keep your baby close whether home or away. Our Junior Travel Writer Karen Beddow - who travels extensively said: "Fantastic product really useful comfortable and light."

WHERE: Phil & Teds, Amazon


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This is a useful article, but about choosing the best children's bassinet for travel is too little detail. I think that many parents who are going on a trip with the baby will want to know where to buy and how to choose a thing. I recommend check here, here you will find detailed instructions for choosing.

Posted: 17/10/2018 at 16:50

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