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Review: FirstBIKE balance bike put to the test

We put an eye-catching racing red balance bike up for the ultimate test: a three-year old with a need for speed

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First Bike review Inca takes to some off-roading with ease

Most children love the thrill of riding a bike, but gaining confidence while learning can be a tricky task. 

Balance =bikes are a great bridge between trikes and full bikes. FirstBIKE® is a new balance bike designed specifically for children between 2 and 5 years. Having to stabilise themselves on a bike without training wheels but without pedals will increase their confidence gradually. 

We put a FirstBIKE to the ultimate test...

Bike on test: The FirstBIKE Cross in red, £94.99, available from

Tester: Inca Watkins

Age: 3 years

Passengers? Teddy bear for the bike's basket

Dad says: "Inca is suitably impressed with her racing red FirstBike. As a dad, I think the bike is a great fit for her. It's nice and lightweight, which is good for Inca as she can shove it around and also good for us when we have to carry it.  

Chunky wheels are good for off-roading and proper air-filled bike tyres mean it is quite a smooth ride. She has a solid-wheel trike as well, and in comparison that is hard going and also very very noisy! This one looks cool.  

Her favourite bit so far is probably the basket on the front - as you can see she was able to bring a furry passenger along in that. The adjustable height seat will also be useful as she gets bigger so hopefully she will have a good long while to use it, and it looks rufty-tufty enough for her sister, Ember, to be able to inherit it after that!  

I can't think of a bad thing to say about it, really! She felt safe on it, and I wasn't concerned for her safety on it as she was quite stable and able to touch the ground easily with both feet."

Why would you choose this bike over any other?  

"Hmmm. Probably the look of it, which is really cool, especially the off-road tyres - useful in the countryside - and maybe the lightweight quality as well."


FirstBIKE says:

  • Safety features include a rear drum SafetyStop brake that provides gentle, gradual breaking and a steering limiter to help young riders control the bike and prevent falls.
  • The specially shaped ‘horse saddle’ seat prevents children slipping off when riding, while the height can be adjusted without tools in seconds. 
  • The bikes also have no sharp edges or protruding screws and sealed bearings to protect little fingers.
  • Thanks to its unique composite frame, FirstBIKE is extremely light (only 3.9 kg with a brake) as well as being completely weatherproof, so it doesn’t scratch, splinter, swell or rust. The high-strength yet flexible frame together with inflated Schwalbe tires also provide shock-absorption.
  • All FirstBIKE’s come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and a 5-year warranty on all other parts. FirstBIKE has won many international awards including Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year Award, Tillywig Top Fun Award, and Dr. Toy 10 Best Active Products. 
  • The bikes are available in 9 colours and cost between £94.99 - £119.99 for the models with a brake. To see FirstBIKE in action and view the whole range visit

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