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On yer bike...

Our pick of the best bikes to ride with your child

Posted: 2 June 2010
by Clay Johnson

Most children love the thrill of a bicycle ride and particularly a bike ride with Mummy. Ensuring you have the right equipment will mean that you can enjoy it, too, and not have to give up your favourite hobby the moment you have a child. Visit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’s website ( for safety advice and what safety standards equipment should conform to.

Azor Twins bike
If you have two similarly sized children able to sit up, try the Azor, which has two seats on the back and an extra-long rear fork, which ensure the bike stays balanced. From £848. Tel: 020 7637 4004. Visit

Makes a reclinable baby seat called the Sleepy, which can be mounted on bikes with or without a luggage rack. For children from nine months to 22kg. Priced at £74.99. Visit

This Dutch brand makes highly regarded seats for children aged nine months to ten years. Priced from £79.95. Visit

The WeeRide Kangaroo is a popular bike seat for children aged between one and five. It is mounted on the crossbar, which means it’s easy to chat and the rear of the bike is free for carrying things. From £69.99. Visit

Trailers, wagons and cargo bikes

If you have more than one child, look into bike trailers and wagons to tow behind your bike, or cargo bikes, which come with a wagon attached. The advantage of a trailer over a bike seat is that it is more stable and affects the handling of the bike far less. They can also carry much heavier children, and many have a cover to keep them dry. Children love feeling regal as they sit back in comfort, and enjoy the attention they receive from people they pass. If the trailer is very low down, consider fitting a flag at the height of your saddle to make sure motorists can see it. Here are a few options to start you off:

A bike and pushchair rolled into one. A stylish tricycle with a childseat on the front that turns into a buggy once you’ve reached your destination. The bike suits eight months to six or seven years; the buggy, six months to four years. Price £1,345. Visit

This is a futuristic-looking pushchair, which attaches to the front of a special bike. Two children can sit in the comfy seats, securely strapped in with safety belts. The bike can easily be detached for trips on your own. From sitting up to ten years old. The TrioV2 costs from €2,600. Visit

Xtra Cycles
These are bikes that can take bike seats, trailers and more. Also offers frames that extend the wheelbase. PeaPod child bicycle seats are priced at £299. Visit

Dutch company selling a wide range of cargo bikes. Children, from sitting confidently up to six years old, sit on a bench in a tough wooden box in front of the rider and are held securely with three-point harnesses. You can also buy baby seats that attach securely to the bench. From £1,585. Visit

Tag-a-long trailer bikes
When children get too big for a child seat or trailer, you could hook on a third-wheel ‘tag-a-long’ cycle to your bike, which allows your child to help you pedal or simply sit back and enjoy the ride. You just hitch the trailer to a rear luggage rack on your bike, adjust the saddle and handlebars to the right height and off you both go. These are available from most bike shops. Visit for a selection from around £100.

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