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Global games for summer

Keep children entertained on holiday and learn about playtime all around the world these fantastic games...

Posted: 5 July 2012
by Josie Curran

Dern Kala
Dern Kala is a traditional game from Thailand that involves contestants racing towards the finishing line with coconut shells on their feet.

How to play
• Get hold of a coconut – fresh or an ice-cream filled shell. Drink the milk and enjoy the coconut flesh or icecream and then give it a good clean out.
• Next you need to make a hole into the top of each coconut so that you can thread some string through and tie the two shells at either end. This should be done so the flat cut of the shell is facing down. You might want to ask the hotel staff or the coconut man to help you with making the hole.
• Get your players lined up at the starting line with their coconut shell shoes on, and on the word ‘go’ it’s a race to the finishing line.

Mexican Colorinas
Colorinas is a traditional Mexican children’s game. It’s brilliantly portable and ideal to fill an afternoon on the beach.

How to play
• Dig a small hole in the ground and then draw a line about eight feet away. Each player will need a handful of beans or small beach pebbles – any number between eight and twelve is ideal depending on the size of the pebbles or beans. The important part is that all players have the same number.
• Players then take it in turns to see how many beans they can throw into the hole in one toss. The same player then collects the beans that have landed in the hole, places them on the palm of their hand and then with a practised jerk they have to toss the beans into the air and try to catch as many as they can on the back of their hand. To get their final score, the player must then flip the beans from the back of their hand and into their palm. The number of beans that they get in the final catch gives them the score for that round. The game then moves on to the next player.
• The player with the highest score wins.

These games are taken from the downloadable W&Onderful Holiday Playbook by travel specialists Western & Oriental.

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