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Shortlisted Best Children's Educational App: Mini Monsters

Creepy crawling, spindly spiders and inspiring insects go under the microscope with this visual encyclopeadia of mini monsters

Posted: 20 May 2012
by Catherine O'Dolan

WARNING: Arachnophobics, stay away! If you shreik every time you see an incy wincy spider, or the thought of your child having headlice sends shivers down your spine, then this is definitely not the app for you! However, if your child arachno-loving and finds the lure of insects impossible to resist, then this A to Z roll call of creepy critters is brilliant! Featuring over 200 individual species – yes, oh my! – from spiders to worms, flies to termites – all spectacularly brought to life using advanced scanning electronic microscope technology so you can see every hairy leg and bulging bug eye in amazing detail. Have fun filtering your choice by number of legs and threat levels – because as every boy knows, a deadly bug is the most exciting!

Mini Monsters app £1.99 by the Science Photo Library

Who won the Junior Design Awards 2012 Best Educational app?

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