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Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 | Junior Design Awards

Revealing the WINNERS of this year's Junior Design Awards...

Posted: 1 August 2017
by Bonita Turner
Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

Junior Design Awards 2017 for Best Toy Design (0-2 years)

Exploring the world though gentle play or even just chewing on something wonderfully textured is all part of the fun of being a toddler.

We've tried and tested all the entries in this categories (we might have done some nibbling too) to bring you the best baby toys and teethers out there.


Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards


When Gillian Bennett couldn't find a teether that she liked for her daughter Suki, she decided to make her own so teethers was born.

Having come up with a textured, BPA free, easy to clean range of shapes in different soothing colours that appeal to both babies and parents, we think she hit the nail on the head or should we say the tooth on the teether.

Made from food grade silicone that can be popped in the dishwasher or a steriliser, these soft yet resilient shapes give teething babies something satisfying to chew and are easy to grasp and hold onto. Smooth on one side and textured on the other, they are great for massaging tender gums and can even be cooled in the fridge for extra relief. 

Junior Editor Bonita said, 'It ever there was a teether that was beautiful in terms of design - then this is it!"


Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards


The Instagram addict in us was immediately drawn to these incredibly photogenic Nautical Nesting Cubes that bring a lovely burst of rainbow colour into any room.

The graphics and fonts are designed to be visually engaging for babies and stimulating for older children who will love stacking and sorting these cubes. Far from just pretty shelf candy, these blocks are not only educational but 100% of the profits made from their sale go to orphaned and abandoned children around the world. 

Brand founder Cecilia Crossley told us "When I became a parent, my concern for the welfare of children deepened, and I realised that parents everywhere experience the same emotions – you never watch a children’s charity advert with the same eyes ever again. I was out shopping when I thought, what if I could buy beautiful baby products and help children in need at the same time? That would speak to these emotions and make me feel great. And so From Babies with Love was born."

We cannot think of a more worthy recipient on any level. Can you?

Junior Design judge and fashion editor Sarah Clark from Little Spree "Love this Brand."


Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards


The bright and tactile quality of LEGO Duplo has been keeping small children entertained since 1969! Still fresh after all these years, these toys provide endless fun and building possibilities and are the perfect size for toddler mitts.

This Number Train is a great way to engage your little one with play and early number recognition, the numbered carriages encouraging them to count out loud and become familiar with the bold number shapes.

The friendly boy and girls figures and their pet cat are great for encouraging role play and kids will love popping them inside and on top of the train for a mini journey.


Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards


If babies are half as mesmerised by this amazing set of moving Gears and Cogs by Petilou as our judges then this toy is definitely a must-buy.

Designed for little hands to explore and discover the cause and effect of turning any one of the three bumble bee handles that make all the cogs turn on this beautifully painted wooden board, this toy is the perfect balance of aesthetics fun and development.

Supporting cognitive development and colour recognition in children and keeping parents entertained too, this is a great new toy to the market and ideal for babies aged 12 months onwards.


Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards


Mums really do know best when it comes to what their babies need so when Katie Windridge was frustrated by the lack of teethers that really hit the spot she decided to develop her own.

The Matchstick Monkey is a cute little fella who is easy to hold, 100% BPA free and helps to ease teething pain from 3 months to 3 years. What sets this apart from other teethers is the specially designed bumps on the back of the monkey's head which help deliver teething gels or granules right to the source of the teething pain without getting diluted by saliva.

The shape of the teether also means that it can pass through the front teeth and give relief to the painful back and side gums that most teethers just can't get to.


Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

Best Toy Design (0-2 years) 2017 |  Junior Design Awards

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Posted: 25/04/2018 at 12:30

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These toys are designed in really smart way. I will buy it for my daughter windows 10 updates

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