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Four of the best: Fun games for family journeys

Travelling back from a family holiday? Keep your brood entertained en route with these fun games

Posted: 29 July 2013
by Lynn Gordon

Handy animals
Make up different kinds of animals by using one or both of your hands. Can you make a slithering snake? What about a butterfly? A dog? A snail? Take turns to guess what animal each of you are making. You can also make up short stories of big adventures for your clever hand puppet creations.  

Travel songs
Leaving On A Jet Plane? I Like Driving In My Car (It’s Not. Quite A Jag-u-ar)Think of as many songs as you can that are about cars, boats, planes, bicycles, or other means of transportation. Then, you can extend your songs to include other themes or words: “Love” and “baby” are good ones.

Flights of fancy
What are all the natural and man-made things you can think of that fly? That roll? That move on two legs? Or four legs? That slither on no legs. Things that bounce or buzz? If you’re travelling on a boat, then thinkof things that can swim. Travelling by car? Then think of wheels. 

Size matters
What’s the tiniest means of transportation you can think of? Maybe a Little Tikes car or a Gee wizz electric car. And what’s the biggest? The Airbus Giant jumbo? Name all the different methods of transporting humans you can think of, starting from the teensiest. 

Adapted from 52 fun things to do on the plane by Lynn Gordon

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