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Five of the best ways to keep your child cool

How to keep your cool in a tropical climate

Posted: 31 July 2013
by Kim Sullivan

Here's looking at you, kid

1. Layer with cooler clothing  Cool, light cotton clothing is ideal during the day. Skin should be covered when the sun is at its strongest.

2. Head for the shade Stay out of the sun between 11am–3pm, and always protect your child’s head and neck with a wide-brimmed hat when out and about.

3. Boost fluid intake Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion or heatstroke, so provide a selection of ice cubes or ice creams for your child to enjoy throughout the day. 

4. Take a dip  A splash in a paddling pool is fun and will help keep your child cool. Remember to make sure the pool is in the shade at all times, and never leave children unattended.

5. Cool it Reduce your child’s body temperature before bedtime with a cool bath or by gently sponging them. Keep their bedroom cool during the day by keeping curtains or blinds drawn.


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