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Five of the best ways to avoid car sickness

Tips for a more pleasant journey

Posted: 18 April 2010
by Kim Sullivan

1. Know the signs Motion sickness is caused by repetitive small movements sending the brain mixed messages. Cold sweats, a queasy stomach and feeling dizzy are often the first signs.

2. Hold your head up Encourage activities where your child has to look up, such as playing I Spy. Avoid activities such as reading or games that involve looking down.

3. Cool it Keep the car well ventilated, stop for frequent breaks, and make sure the driver takes bends and corners gently.

4. Front first If your child is old enough, let him sit in the front seat as a clear view of the road can really help.

5. Be prepared  Anti-sickness medications from the chemist can help, but you will need to give them to your child well in advance of setting off. A sick bag, cleansing wipes and a handy change of clothes are wise if the worst happens.

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