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Can I take my family to a festival?

Here are some useful tips when searching for a fun family-friendly festival

Posted: 4 June 2014
by Junior

While most festivals now offer dedicated children’s events, there are still some crucial questions to ask:

Are children allowed? Some festivals are still adults-only, so confirm that children can go before booking tickets. 

How far is the walk to the site? There is almost always a long walk from the car park to the festival site, so find out where the family car park is located – it will offer you much better access. 

What food is available? Ask about the range of food available onsite, and even then pack some favoured snacks in case there is nothing to your toddler’s taste. 

Where can families sit? If the festival is a small event, then there will probably be space to set up a blanket close enough to the stage that you can still feel a part of it, but far enough away so you won’t be trodden on underfoot. 

How good are the toilet facilities? There are actually awards for the best festival toilets (visit, so there’s no shame in asking. 

What are the security arrangements? Most festivals have a plan of action if a child is separated from her parents at the event, but ensure everyone knows the routine before you go. 

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