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How can I keep my children safe on the ski slopes?

Graham Bell, former Olympic skier, presenter on BBC Ski Sunday and The Jump, and father of two, gives us his top tips for how to keep your family safe on the slopes...

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Safety always comes first

Parents main concern is the safety of their children on the piste," says Graham. "All ski schools have a minimum of one instructor per group of only eight children, on average."

For families skiing and splitting up on the piste, an iPhone tracker app is useful as are mini radios. Many resorts now are slowly introducing free Wi-Fi on lifts so communication on the piste is becoming much easier.

Families who would like to experience skiing off piste should learn with an experienced instructor.  You should never ski on your own off piste and if you did want to take your children off piste you should ensure they are of a high standard, and have an understanding of the snow conditions and an awareness of avalanche danger, and are carrying the correct safety equipment.”

What to take on the piste with you?

“Skiing burns a lot of energy so ensure you take snacks for all the family out with you for the day. I always take a back pack with me when skiing with the family. If there is one time you can feel guilt free about giving children sugar and chocolate it’s when you are skiing, because you know they are going to burn it straight off.

Always ski with water as well, its thirsty work skiing all day. I have used a camel pack before because they are easy to wear and carry on your back."

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Graham is an ambassador for Club Med

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