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Stocking Fillers for 3-6 year olds

Ideal Christmas stocking fillers for your toddlers (or big kids)

Posted: 12 December 2016
by Natalie Johnson

Ideal gifts for your little ones

Whether you're looking for the perfect stocking fillers, or you just need a few extra ideas, we've found some fun and unusual gifts for your toddlers this Christmas.

From craft gifts for girls and boys, to the ultimate glow in the dark cup (that you never knew you needed), we think they'll love these treats on the big day. Not forgetting a lump of coal and an orange, of course. (Just us?!)

The Gift of Quality Time

They promise it on the box and we think they're right. Instead of getting them more toys this Christmas get them something to help fire those imaginations. The Toucan Box is a subscription craft box, created with education experts to help their development and to help parents spend creative, quality time with children. It comes in three size variations and is really ridiculously good value. You could even send one to Grandma's house, for when you visit. 

The Toucan Box, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions, from £3.95, at

The Watch That's a Phone (and a tracker too)

The Gator tracker watch would be one of the coolest gadgets they could ever wish to find in their stocking this Christmas! It also makes a great present for parents, too, to enable them to feel closer to their little ones if they travel a lot on business. The watch has just two buttons for two pre-set phone numbers. The partner App let's you track them wherever they go via satellite and Wifi. Very clever - and they look like science fiction characters when they call you! We are confident that your tech-savvy five-year-olds will love this.

Gator tracker watch, £99, plus monthly SIM subscription from £9.99. From TechSixtyFour.

The Cute Christmas Teddy

We know, they have more than enough already. And we know that they don't 'do' anything, too. But trust us when we say, Itty Bitties by Hallmark are completely adorable. Is it the large heads and tiny bodies? Is it that they are super-soft? Is it that they can stash them in pockets or bags? We really aren't sure, but a certain nine-year-old that we know is still obsessed with theirs. Rudolph is the favourite this year.

Itty Bitties, from around £6 at Hallmark, in greeting card stores or at Hallmark's Amazon store.

Dinner Party Boredom Buster

It's designed for children, but we're sure that you could whip it out at one of those tediously longer dinners and enjoy it yourself (joking, joking). These are a great idea for children who travel a lot, too, as they are ideal to take on planes as well as to restaurants.

The reversible (and reusable) mat comes with 10 washable colouring pens and a handy carry bag, making it an essential part of our Christmas travel kit. Ideal for any age, they'd make fantastic dinner party gifts for the Christmas table.

Doodle Placemat To Go, £12.50 from Eat Sleep Doodle, at KIDLY online.

The Night-light that's A Cup

This is one of those products that you wish you had invented. It's a cup that has a night-light in the base, which glows softly at night. If you've ever been woken by the ''I'm thirsty / I can't find my water / I've spilled my water / I can't sleep in the dark" complaints (All of the above?), then you'll appreciate this cup. It glows and it has a circular valve, which means they can drink from any side of the rim (ideal in the dark). It's also easy to hold and doesn't spill, either. 

Lite Cup, £8.99 from online.

The Book / Mask / Puzzle Combination

That's right. These cool books from Owl and Dog are called playbooks, which is exactly what they are. The set of three fit into a board backing, like a shape sorter, then pull out to be concertina books. Once you've opened them right out they turn into a bear-face mask. It's a work of creative genius and your little one is guaranteed to love them. We know, we've tested them.

The Adventures of Three Bears, £11.99, Owl and Dog online.

Colour-changing Umbrella

Let's hope it doesn't rain for your Christmas Day walk, but - just in case - be prepared with this fun colour-changing umbrella from the Shop at The Tate. The white parts of the umbrella change colour when wet to reveal little people inside the London bus and traffic lights in colour. It's a nice fun accompaniment to a country stroll. 

London Bus Colour Change Umbrella, £17.50, Tate Shop or online store.

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