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It's a child's life, with PacaPod founder Jacqueline Waggett

We talk building sandcastles while naked, eating cheese, vegemite and blueberry sandwiches and wearing flared purple corduroy trousers with Jacqueline Waggett, the animated founder of revolutionary baby changing bag label, PacaPod

Posted: 3 February 2014
by Catherine Hudson

Jacqueline with her two children
The luxury Firenze Pacapod bag
The parent bag
The changer pod
The feeder pod
The changer mat

If you were five years old again, what is the first thing you would do?

Without a doubt I would strip off naked and run into the sea!

What advice would you give your five-year-old self?

Be yourself and don’t worry what people think of you because they will judge you no matter what you do. So, stay true to yourself and your values.

What rules would you stick to?

Treat people the way you dream to be treated by others and never judge someone else for not being the same as you.

What rules would you break?

Eat chocolate and enjoy a little indulgence (wine when you’re older!) whenever the fancy takes you – it will stop you obsessing over so called ‘naughty treats’ and help you love life and live in the moment.

If you could, would you do anything to change your character?

Accept that you can’t always be absolutely organised and in control, sometimes it’s okay to just go with the flow and accept and even relish the chaos and unpredictability that comes along in life.

Would you play more or try to learn harder?

Oh, absolutely play more! That’s the ultimate goal, surely? I’ve learnt through watching my children grow and develop that playing is the best way to learn.

Knowing what you know now, what would you want to be when you grew up?

Pre-children the dream job would have been to work as a travel writer. I’ve done a lot of travelling and I just love it and can’t think of anything better than getting paid to visit new places and have adventures. What I’m actually doing is perfect now that I have children as I get to be creative but it’s flexible and works around my family – I miss my babies too much on short business trips to travel the world.

What would you do for fun and hobbies?

Take up the skateboard because it’s exciting and fun and ideally I would have lots of pets to look after to help teach responsibility.

What pearls of wisdom would you pass on to your five-year-old friends?

The best boys are those with a big heart not the best haircut.

How would you dress yourself?

It would have to be something bohemian like flared purple cords and butterfly applique smocks.

What would you ask to have for a slap up dinner?

Cheese sandwiches with blueberries and vegemite and a big milkshake on the side!

What would you insist upon doing if you only had one day to spend being aged five before returning to adulthood?

Be free as a bird and build sandcastles naked on the beach. Dance like no-one was watching wherever and whenever I felt like it. Do headstands and get sand in my hair and eat a mouth full of toasted marshmallow with a slice of cheese.

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Did you know... The tan leather Coromandel PacaPod bag was Highly Commended in the Junior Design Awards 2011

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