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21 Beautiful fragrances suitable for babies and children

Scent your little ones life with these alcohol-free perfumes, colognes and waters

Posted: 21 March 2017
by Bonita Turner

Buying a scent for your baby may not be up there on your essential to-buy list along with nappies, wet wipes and bubble bath. But, it's definitely not to be sniffed at.

Just like fashion designers who produce perfume lines as a extension of its brand - children's fashion lines want in on the act too. And, why not?

Fragrance for kids - both boys and girls - is big business in Europe especially in France where scenting ones baby and child is seen as part of its daily beauty regime - and aren't we always looking for ways to add that certain Joie de Vivre spirit into our everyday?

An important thing to remember is that most baby fragrances and perfumes tend to be made up of water - meaning you're not exposing delicate skin to alcohol or other nasties. And, until the age of 3 they really are designed to be spritzed or dabbed onto clothing.

Meaning babies smell, well a little more like clean babies - and isn't that just a little more desirable than most baby smells? Plus, these lighter scents are perfect for you to wear too.

Especially if you're a mum-to-be who has gone off perfumes due to those inevitable hormonal changes; Or a new mum who wants to feel a little fresher when shower time is almost non-existent or, even as a softer alternatives to your usual scent which can help to create that 'safe smell of mum' to comfort baby at nap time (try dabbing on your scarf or on a muslin) means these colognes and eau de toilettes do double-duty.

So, why not awaken your little ones olfactory senses with a few of our favourites?


Bonpoint Eau de Senteur 100ml from £59

An alcohol-free version of the classic Bonpoint scent with essence of neroli and orange blossom water.




Tartine et Chocolat Eau de Senteur 100ml £23

With delicate notes of mint, citrus and honeysuckle this light cheerful alcohol-free scent is suitable form newborn and beyond.



Petit Guerlain Eau de Toilette 250ml £215

Encased in mythical bee bottle - the emblem of the House of Guerlain since 1853 - this enchanting scent of mimosa, orange blossom mixes with pistachio and acacia honey for an innocent aroma.



Burberry Baby Touch Eau de Toilette 100ml £36

A gentle floral fragrance of mixed blooms - ideal for mum and baby. A delicate top note of rhubarb, orange zest and spearmint mix with warm base notes of lily of the valley, jasmine and sweet vanilla.



Creed Pour Enfants Eau Fraiche 100ml £120

This light scent captures the playful innocence of childhood with apple, plum and grapefruit - think of a carefree child running through a flowering fruit orchard on a warm spring day. 



Mustela Musti Eau de Soin 50ml £14.95

Alcohol-free and hypoallergenic this fragrance from Mustela is made from cornflower and lime extracts teamed with tender notes of lilac, chamomile and honey.



Minois Fresh Scented Water 250ml £17

A refreshing, soothing and softening perfumed water for hair and body with a mineral hints and a fresh floral aroma.



Bvlgari Petits et Mamans Eau de Toilette 100ml from £22

For mums and babies this scent offers up fresh base notes of iris, peach and vanilla, floral middle notes of sunflower, rose and chamomile finishing with woody top notes of Brazilian rosewood, tangerine and bergamot.



Nenuco Agua de Colonia 200ml from £11.95

Infamous in Spain and fully approved by the Spanish Institute of Paediatricians this clean lemony cologne is light natural and the perfect 'splash on scent' for mother and baby. This concentrated version lasts longer than the classic spray cologne. 



Zara Home Little Frog Kids Sweet Perfume Eau de Cologne 100ml £15.99

A fresh scented cologne with a soft mix flight florals, citrus notes and sweet vanilla leaving a lingering, yet subtle aroma for both boys and girls.



Baby Tous Eau de Cologne 100ml from £36

Presented in a bear shaped bottle - that recalls the brand signature bear charm - this alcohol-free fruity scent with mandarin, apple, pear and musk offers a unisex splash for children.



Ambrette 9 Eau de perfume natural spray 100ml £175

This precious musky scent is based mainly on the Ambrette grain - the only musky scent made by nature itself and almost impossible to find - which is softened with citrus and fruits notes. Perfect for mother and baby.



Chicco Baby Moments Eau de Cologne 100ml from £17

A sweet and delicate scent that can be used from day one on babies delicate skin to lightly scent and refresh.



Gabriel et Valentin Eau de Toliette 100ml £93

A gentle EDT spray perfume with a sparkling citrus hue. Bergamot, vanilla and white musk ensure it's not to sweet - so it can be worn by both boys and girls.



Jacadi Tout Petit Scented Water from £30

The house of Jacadi has created a whole wardrobe of scents for children. From scented waters for babies and toddlers, separate eau de toilettes for 3-7 years old boys and girls to a sparkling, more vivid ETD for girls over 7. This scented water encompasses fruity hints of orange, granny smith, neroli and citron



Théophile et Patachou Gentle Baby Fragrance 100ml £53

A gentle alcohol-free natural scent with clean smelling overtones.



Alvarez Gomez Eau de Cologne for Children 300ml £18

With lemon blossom, lavender and mint this child friendly splash is a subtle take on the classic Spanish Agua de Colonia - but still offers that clean, uplifting feeling. (Not suitable for children under 5)



Nanos Eau de Cologne 100ml from £17

A beautiful mix of Mediterranean essences with peach, rose and orange blossom the low-alcohol content means its suitable for toddlers and older children.    




Bonton Eau de Toilette 50ml from £40

A delightful mix of neroli, lemon, citrus leaf and galbanum - finished with the powdery top note of iris to give this scent a grown-up feel - so, ideal for mums too.



Suavinex Baby Cologne 100ml from £8

Refresh baby at any time of the day with this light mix of citrus fruit, white flowers and musk - the subtle scent is ideal for spraying onto clothes too.



Linea Bimbi Aqua Luigia Organic Baby Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml from £10.99

A 98% natural organic chamomile distilled water that refreshes delicate skin with bitter orange, geranium, lavender flowers and clary sage



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