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Funky lunch: Twit Twoo sandwich

Your child will be delighted with this owl-shaped sandwich perched on a breadstick tree branch

Posted: 20 September 2011
by Junior


Wholemeal bread 
Sandwich filling of your choice
50/50 white bread 


1 Make your favourite sandwich and then cut it into an oval shape.

2 From the top layer of the sandwich, cut out a small oval shape. Start at the bottom and go to just over halfway up. Then, using a slice of white bread, cut a shape to match the piece you have just removed. Place the white bread oval into the gap.

3 Cut out two pear-shaped pieces of the wholemeal bread and stick them to the sides with butter to make the wings. 

4 To make the eyes, cut the cheese into a figure of eight and turn it on its side. Finish with two small circles of cucumber skin.

5 Use a triangle from a thin slice of carrot for a beak and small wedges of carrot to make the shapes for the feet.

7 Sit your owl on a breadstick tree branch to finish.

Funky Lunch by Mark Northeast is published by Absolute Press, £7.99.

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