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Funky lunch: Oink Oink sandwich

Your child will look forward to lunchtime with these piggy-shaped sandwiches and their curly carrot tails

Posted: 20 September 2011
by Junior


Sandwich filling of your choice


1 Take a large, circular cookie cutter and cut a circle from a slice of bread for the body. Using a smaller cutter, make another circle for the head. Use butter and your sandwich filling to stick these pieces together.

2 From the leftover bread, cut two small ears and a smaller oval shape for the snout. Cut the same shapes from a piece of ham and lay on top of the bread to fit the shapes of the ears and nose. 

3 To make the nostrils, push two holes right through the ham and bread of the snout using a small cutter or chopstick.

4 Place some cucumber skin beneath the nostrils under the bread and ham nose. You should be able to see the dark skin through the nostril holes. 

5 Finish off by making some eyes from discs of cheese and cucumber and finish with a carrot twist for the tail.

Funky Lunch by Mark Northeast is published by Absolute Press, £7.99. 

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