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Christmas fun food plate for children: A vegetable Christmas Tree [RECIPE]

“For a little festive fun these delicious Christmas Trees are perfect for your little one. Plus they’re really easy to make, and junk free, too” - Organix

Posted: 22 December 2014
by Catherine Hudson


• 3 Organix finger foods carrot sticks

• 1/3 cucumber

• ½ a cooked carrot

• Slice of cooked red pepper

• A few cooked sweetcorn kernels

• A large spoonful of hummus

Makes 1 Christmas Tree

Not suitable for freezing

Suitable from 7 months


1. Place the three carrot puffs in the centre of a large plate to create a Christmas tree trunk. Slice the cucumber into thin batons and lay on the plate like Christmas tree branches.

2. Cut the cooked pepper and most of the cooked carrot into very thin strips and layer onto the tree like tinsel, then add cooked sweetcorn baubles.

3. Cut a little extra cooked carrot into square presents. Cut tiny strips of cucumber and cooked pepper to add ribbon to your presents, then place at the bottom of the tree.

4. Finish off by spreading the hummus into a star shape at the top of the tree.

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