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Teaching tact

Five ways to help your toddler be tactful

Posted: 17 April 2010
by Susan Walls

1. Understand your toddler's limitations  She is still developing her conscience and sense of empathy for other people, which means her impulse control and ability to be tactful is still limited

2. Allow her to let off steam  If you want your toddler to be on her best behaviour for a special occasion, give her the chance to run about and scream at the top of her voice before you attend the event – but just beware of making it too soon before the event, as it may take a while to calm her back down. 

3. Be a good role model  The most effective way to teach tact is to be polite yourself

4. Don't be angry if she gets it wrong  She's certainly not being malicious on purpose

5. Give simple pointers  If she is given a present for her birthday that she already has, tell her to smile and say "Thank you", and explain to her that it's the thought of the guest, and her thanks, that really counts

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