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No Biting!

Five ways to stop your child biting

Posted: 2 June 2010
by Clay Johnson

Having a biting child can be not only be painful, but embarrassing, leading to exclusion from playdates, as well as “little chats” at nursery. However, there are easy steps you can take to limit your child’s tooth action to food.

  1. Babies may have sore mouths when teething, so provide teething toys to chew on to relieve the pain.
  2. Biting is often a way of expressing frustration. Help give your child the words to express his feelings instead of using his teeth, such as, “You’re angry because you want to play with the paints.” Or, if he bites in self-defence, teach him how to firmly say “No,” and “Stop that!” instead.
  3. Try to intervene before an incident actually occurs. Watch out for any warning signs and triggers, and remove your child from the situation.
  4. Stay calm and take your child away. Give the victim special attention. This shows your child that he loses your attention if they bite.
  5. Make it very clear that biting is unacceptable. Say, “That’s biting, that’s wrong” or a firm “no”. Explain that it hurts and you don’t like him doing it.

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