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Five ways to manage superhero play

Stop 'Kapow!' turning in to 'Kap-ouch' with these quick tips

Posted: 5 April 2012
by Fiona McKim

1 Set reasonable rules
Let children know when and where superhero play is allowed. Give safe limits, such as “Only in the garden” and “No jumping off the shed”.

2 Encourage the creative aspects
Help your child make her own superhero costumes rather than buy ready-made acrylic suits; they’re less itchy too.

3 Don’t buy every new superhero toy
Encourage children to play with characters they already have in different ways – maybe the goodies and the baddies can band together? Choose toys that can be pulled apart and turned into new characters, such as Lego.

4 Give children more choices and power
Let them be responsible for some decisions in their non-superhero lives, such as which playground to visit.

5 Help children appreciate specific values
Sure, superheroes can blast enemies to smithereens, but they’re also kind and caring and they look after others.

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