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Caring sharing superheroes

Baddie-bashing brutes or just big softies? You decide

Posted: 12 April 2012
by Junior

Power rangers 
The Power Rangers are a bunch of disparate American teenagers who’ve been granted special ninja powers to fight against evil alien mutants that threaten earth. Beneath the lurid lycra suits beat brave hearts who use their powers, and rather exaggerated martial arts manoeuvres, to cover each other’s backs when danger is near. Role-model message: The importance of teamwork. “Beat down evil – and do it in style.”

Although he is resolute in his sense of justice, Spider-Man is sensitive and slightly fazed by his powers and needs to learn to embrace his non-slip hands and feet. Role-model message: With great power comes great responsibility.

The Powerpuff girls
Consisting of three very different little girls – the methodical Blossom, sweet little Bubbles and tomboy Buttercup – The Powerpuff Girls have to save Townsville from evil imposters before bedtime.Role-model message: It doesn’t matter what type of character you are. And, of course, the most important message of all: go to bed early!

Bruce Wayne is the millionaire philanthropist and playboy whose super powers come from his steely determination and sharp intelligence – qualities that helped him forge many of his crime-fighting gadgets. Role-model message: Work hard at school, especially in science class, and you too could be a superhero. Oh, and be nice to bats.

Five teenage girls – Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, hence the abbreviation W.I.T.C.H – are given powers over the five elements so they can protect Earth from evil Prince Phobos. Role-model message: Using teamwork and the world’s natural elements can save the day.

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