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Bring out your child’s inner performer

Encourage a budding star with these creative ideas

Posted: 2 April 2012
by Junior

Put on a fashion show
The contents of a dressing up box should provide bags of inspiration for a true ‘fashionista’ style parade. Spotlights, a makeshift catwalk and even a few camera flashes will add to the sense of occasion for all concerned.

Set the scene
A favourite story, TV programme or cartoon character can provide the ideal catalyst for budding dramatists. Alternatively, try introducing your children to a famous painting and get them to re-enact the story that might lie behind it.

Get musical
From chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins and Fat Sam’s speakeasy gangsters in Bugsy Malone to modern-day classics from High School Musical, there are so many song and dance routines waiting to be rehearsed and performed.

Band together
From a saucepan and wooden spoon drumkits to dry-pea shakers, you can improvise a range of instruments from the kitchen cupboards. Add a real instrument to the band such as a keyboard or guitar, and they can play the day away.

Move to the music
This could entail working out a sequence of steps to a favourite pop song or ‘interpreting’ a longer music piece such as Prokofiev’s Peter And The Wolf or Holsts The Planets.

Stand up
Most children love nothing better than endless knock-knock and Doctor Doctor jokes – all that’s needed is a makeshift microphone and a captive audience to share the laughs.

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