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Healthy eating for children

Easy ways to make sure your family eats well

Posted: 3 August 2012
by Kate Donoughue

Give your child a "rainbow" of food to eat each day The more colourful the collection, the greater the variety of nutrients they'll be getting. Try red tomatoes or watermelon, orange mandarins or carrots, yellow butternut squash or bananas, green beans or apples, blue blueberries, indigo blackberries, and violet raspberries.

Have a snack tin Fill it with a stash of healthy snacks your child actually likes. This will save you buying more unhealthy options in the heat of the moment.

Make additional portions Freeze them and have them at the ready in case your child demands a particular favourite for that evening’s meal.

Try to have at least one family sit-down meal a day This will help a picky eater as they get to see you try new things and learn that eating can be a fun and sociable time too. 

Make a two-day record of the foods your child eats Then you can check if there are any nutritional gaps and start to fill in the gaps, testing out different options to tempt your fussy eater.

Pick a new food of the week each week Use it in three different ways, so you really give it a good go (and before anyone rejects it just because they hated it the first way).

Trade in some processed foods for their "brown" counterparts Whether it’s brown rice, wholewheat pasta or wholegrain bread. You might even be able to offer a mixed cereal, slowly replacing those sugary cereals with their healthier alternatives.

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