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The Latest Lowdown on Nanny Spies

She may be all sweetness and light when you're around, but when you're at work is she all Mary Poppins or more Cruella De Ville

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 I’ve heard there’s a new ‘nanny spy’ service available. Anything to do with MI6?

No – nothing to do with us Brits. This one’s happening across the pond in the US of A. New York to be precise. Where else?

 So it’s the CIA then?

 Nope, wrong again. You, the innocent passerby are the spy. If you see my nanny having too good a time and ignoring the children, then as a ‘Good Samaritan’ you let me know.

How do I know which nanny and child is yours?

On the back of my child’s buggy is a small “license plate” with an ID number and website address. Just log on to, type in the number and what you’ve seen my nanny getting up to. An email will be sent to me letting me know someone has filed a report. 

 What do you want to know?

Is she on the phone the whole time? Reading Hello? Shouting at my children? Or is she running around with them playing hide-and-seek, giving them lots of hugs and kisses and generally looking like the next best thing to Mary Poppins?

But if I'm grassing up your nanny, how can I ever look her in the face again?

You won’t have to – whatever you write is anonymous.

Whose bright idea is it?

Jill Starishevsky, a mother of two and New York prosecutor who works in the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Bureau. She was in the park one day when she noticed a nanny engrossed in a book for over an hour and ignoring the toddlers she was supposed to be looking after. Jill was frustrated that she couldn’t let the children’s parents know their nanny was being negligent.

Any other good ways of spying on my nanny?

Lots – you can install some ‘motion-sensing software’ in your house (ie a camera) and watch the live reality show that is going on in your home. Or how about a Teddy spy-cam? Hidden deep in a very cuddly-looking teddy is a little camera which records in your little darling’s day. Or how about this brand-new hot-off-the-press Barbie Video Girl. Aah, yes, don't be fooled by that pretty necklace she's wearing: it's actually a secret  videocamera, so your child can secretly capture all those Nanny moments.

BARBIE® Video Girl costs £75.00 at Hamleys

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