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The faces of modern motherhood

Meet the hip new breed of funky, feisty women joining forces to embrace motherhood in the most modern manner

Posted: 21 December 2012
by Catherine O'Dolan

Jenny Scott
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Jenny Scott, 30, mother of Sonny, two

Profession Graphic designer, creative director and founder of Mothers Meeting, an online networking site and inspirational blog for creative like-minded mothers.

What three words describe your pre-baby life? Discontented, impatient, erratic.

And now? Proud, patient, excited.

What’s the best thing about being a mother? The amount of love you can give that you never knew you had inside you.

And the worst? The guilt. You never think what you do for your child is good enough.

What’s the biggest shock of parenthood? The sleepless nights and never being able to just switch off completely. I was also surprised how much it makes you put the little things in life into a new perspective.

How has your relationship changed with your partner? It’s stronger and more grounded. Parenthood either makes or breaks a relationship. It’s about teamwork and understanding one another’s needs.

What are the biggest challenges? Finding a good work/life balance. I like to think that I can go with the flow, but then when I try to, I get frustrated, tired and non-productive. I have finally come to the conclusion that I am destined to have an extreme work life. It’s very full-on, but I secretly love it that way!

If you could pass on one secret of motherhood, what would it be? Motherhood isn’t easy, and if you find it hard don’t be ashamed to admit it. Everyone finds it difficult, and if they say otherwise, they are lying.

What lessons has parenthood taught you? I’ve learnt patience and to appreciate my family and friends so much more. 

Who inspires you? Mothers who keep their identity. It’s easy to forget yourself while dedicating your life to someone else – so mothers who manage to squeeze in a little me-time, even if it’s just buying music and wearing some red lippy now and again.

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It's so refreshing to hear mothers speak honestly about their experiences, and the challenges of balancing both the 'motherhood' identity and the 'individual' identity that so often gets left behind.I don 't think that women should feel guilty about wanting to have both, and I think a dose of selfishness can be a healthy thing, to a point. A healthy happy mother makes a healthy happy child. We always want to give our children the best of everything; that should include ourselves. I want my children to be secure in the love I give them, but I also want them to look back and be proud of what I have accomplished in life (besides making them!)

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