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The faces of modern motherhood

Meet the hip new breed of funky, feisty women joining forces to embrace motherhood in the most modern manner

Posted: 21 December 2012
by Catherine O'Dolan

Sara Jane Davis
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Sara Jane Davis, 28, mother of Betsy, 21 months

Sara J Smith, mother of Betsy, 21 months

Profession Child Nutrition researcher and presenter for Betsy's Mum 

Describe your pre-baby life? Exciting, Mad, Adventure.

And now? Happy, Loved up, Messy.  

How do you manage the work-life balance? I try not to put too much pressure on myself, I allow myself enough time and try not to bite off more then I can chew. I'm lucky enough to be the boss of my business and everyone that works with me understands that being a mother is a full-time job within itself.      

What has been the biggest shock of motherhood? Realising that life doesn't stop when you have a baby. When I was younger, I thought that being a mother was all greasy pony tails and exhaustion but actually motherhood is what you make of it. You can still have a life: you just have to find the right balance!

How did it affect your relationship with your partner? I was worried about how having a child might change our relationship. I’d heard lots of horror stories (people love telling expectant mothers horror stories!) about how hard it is keeping your relationship strong. Having a relationship is something you have to put constant work in to with or without children. Letting go of disagreements early will save you a lot of stress. Be nice to each other and try to have cheeky nights away together occasionally (if you are lucky enough to have babysitters that is!)

My other big tip would be make sure you look after yourself. Eat well, exercise and keep doing the things that you love and are passionate about.

What’s the single best thing about being a mother? The love I have for my child. Nothing comes close to it.

And the worst? Not being able to book a last minute ski trip, or go travelling without lots of organising and research! 

What has most surprised you? How much energy children have!  

If you could pass on one secret of motherhood, what would it be? Tune into your mothering instincts. You’ll be surprised how much you actually know about what your child wants. Also don’t be scared to introduce new foods from as young as weaning. A healthy diet can improve behaviour, concentration and general well being.

What lessons has motherhood taught you? You have to have eyes in the back of your head! Children are smarter then you think, they will hide your car keys when you’re running late for work and smear banana all over the cat. They might even put an egg in your shoe or a slug in their mouth but it's a fun old journey to be on and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

What mothers most inspire you?Jenny Scott, founder of Mothers Meeting. She’s literally changing the face of modern motherhood as we all know it. Watch out for this lady, Mummas! 

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It's so refreshing to hear mothers speak honestly about their experiences, and the challenges of balancing both the 'motherhood' identity and the 'individual' identity that so often gets left behind.I don 't think that women should feel guilty about wanting to have both, and I think a dose of selfishness can be a healthy thing, to a point. A healthy happy mother makes a healthy happy child. We always want to give our children the best of everything; that should include ourselves. I want my children to be secure in the love I give them, but I also want them to look back and be proud of what I have accomplished in life (besides making them!)

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