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School Run Diva: How to be the yummiest mummy in the playground (with minimum effort)

International make-up artist Korben Niblett offers five simple steps to a gorgeous, natural glow in a jiffy

Posted: 18 April 2010
by Catherine O’Dolan

1. After moisturising, use a light foundation to give a smooth finish and glow. I recommend a brilliant product called Skin Rescue Bio-Complex Veil, which is a make-up primer, and is tinted, so will even out your complexion. It also has an SPF of 15 and is an illuminator, so it will give an instant lustrous glow and has anti-ageing properties too. When choosing foundation, always match it to your cheek or chin (not your hand) and go for the best match or one shade lighter. Look for products with added benefits like anti-aging or skin-illuminating properties too.

2. For specific problem areas, like dark circles under the eyes, concealer is great, but it won’t tackle the underlying issue so choose a product that is anti-aging too. I-Rescue Bio Complex Cover increases collagen and elastic production and has decongestion properties to help with puffiness and dark circles – perfect when you’ve been awake with a sleepless baby.

3. Now for the eyes. Black is a really great colour for the evenings, but brown is softer for daytime. When using eyeliner, you need to be aware of the line of elevation. To find this, use a triangular sponge and dip it into some powder, then dab it close to your eye with the point at the outside corner of your eye. Looking straight at your eyes, you’ll see the lower lash line is like a smile and the top lash line is like a rainbow. Imagine this lower line is a runway, and the aeroplane is about to take off. Pop the pencil where the eyeline is going to hit that runway at the outside corner of the eye and gently draw it along the lash. Always work out where the eyeliner should stop and draw inwards; if you do it the other way you run the risk of over-flicking.

4. To finish your eyes, use a natural looking, smudge-proof mascara (avoid fibrous ones that build up the length and volume of the lashes). The best way to apply mascara is to place the mascara wand into the lashes and wiggle it. You only need to do the top lashes for a subtle day look – save the bottom lashes for a more dramatic evening look.

5. Finally, add a touch of gloss to your lips and a little rosy blush on the cheeks. Again, look out for single products that can do two jobs in one. Jemma Kidd Stain, Flush & Gloss Lip & Cheek Duo is brilliant, or the handy roll-on version is perfect to pop in your handbag. (For details of Jemma Kidd’s make-up range and master classes, visit

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Thank you mummy time for sharing about School Run Diva and Indoor Playground Iin Miami. Catherine O’Dolan thank you for sharing on how to be the yummiest mother in the playground nice post.

Posted: 24/08/2017 at 10:38

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