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Find out about Australia's key attractions...

Posted: 24 August 2011
by Junior

Where? Australia – a 14-day Winter Warmer tour of the hottest spots between Sydney and Queensland.

Why go there? For the sheer variety the tour offers. Sydney provides a bustling city packed with activities,  the Sunshine Coast is renowned for its surfing, while the rainforest of Queensland is full of wildlife to spot.

Children will love... Visiting Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo where they can cuddle koalas, go on a night walk in Queenland’s Lamington National Park in search of glow worms and a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. 

Parents will love... The view of the Sydney Opera House from the Quay West Suites’ spa and 4WD jaunts to see the stunning scenery of Queensland . 

Stay at… The options include Quay West Suites in Sydney and a Yacht Club villa on Hamilton Island. The tour costs from £1,230 per person, based on a family of four sharing. Visit www.wandotravel.com

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