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Six top tips for sporting success

Win, lose or draw… However your child’s sporting fortunes fare, enjoyment is the most important goal of all

Posted: 27 July 2012
by Helen McKay-Ferguson

Good habits can last a lifetime. And so if your child gets stuck into sport early on, then odds are he’ll enjoy it at every stage in life. Here are six tips to help you encourage him on his way:

1) Try out lots of different sports. Some children thrive on traditional team sports like football or hockey. For others, individual pursuits like swimming, martial arts or yoga are more up their street.

2) Encourage your child to set personal targets, whether it’s swimming the 100m breaststroke or progressing to the next belt in karate. Naturally, your child will enjoy the buzz of success.

3) At the same time, reassure your child it’s okay to make mistakes. Children who are focused on winning are often too anxious to perform their best. And overcoming challenges can help your child to develop determination. As the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed…

4) Having your support from the sidelines can spur your child on, and the odd clap or cheer won’t go amiss. But refrain from interjecting too loudly or too often as this can put pressure on your child, and put her off.

5) Give your child some simple feedback afterwards. Praise him for any high points, and identify a couple of ways in which he could improve. Ensure the language you use is positive – suggest some things he could do, rather than things not to do.

6) Take part in sports yourself. Not only will you reap the benefits, but if your child sees you exercising too, he’ll see it as a normal part of life. And there are lots of simple ways you can enjoy exercise as a family, whether it’s a batting a ball around in the back garden or going for a family cycle ride.

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