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How British childhood has changed since the Fifties

When the Queen ascended the throne in 1952, things were a little different...

Posted: 14 May 2012
by Junior

Then                                                                               Now

■  Bread and dripping                                                ■  Sourdough and olive oil 
This greasy treat probably wasn’t kind to arteries.        Artisan bakers and delis have changed our tastes.

■  Butlins                                                                    ■  Boutique breaks 
Holiday camps put the focus firmly on family fun.            Parents are plumping for chic independent hotels. 

■  Made by mother                                                     ■  Designer labels
Many children wore hand-sewn or knitted garments.    Fashion and function are trés important.

■  Perry Como                                                            ■  Katy Perry  
The crooner enjoyed hits such as No Other Love.           Today’s pop princesses are rather more risqué. 

■  Princess Grace                                                       ■  Princess Catherine   
Grace Kelly’s fairytale wedding inspired brides.               Kate Middleton’s dress echoed Grace’s lacy frock.

■  Tweetie Pie                                                            ■  Twitter 
The chirpy character was popular during the decade.     Now most tweeting takes place over social media.

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