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Five of the best outdoor family activities for autumn

Make the most of nature this autumn with these five fun outdoor activities

Posted: 27 September 2013
by Junior

Something told us that she didn't quite grasp the idea of hide and seek, yet

Autumn is the perfect time to get the family outside and into the woods, which are full of activities and adventures.

1. Find your own food

Autumn is a great time for taking the kids out foraging – and there’s nothing better than eating fruits and berries picked by their own fair hands. Blackberries, elderberries, hawthorns, nuts, apples and mushrooms all flourish. Visit www.wildmanwildfood.com for useful information on how to forage safely.

2. Make a nature picture

Take a walk in a wood and ask your child collect fallen leaves in a host of different colours – golds, reds and browns – as well as interesting looking twigs, mosses and ferns. Then, once you return home, get the glue out. Create your own autumnal landscape from all of the items your child has collected on her woodland foray. She will love the textures, the colours and using lots of glue.

3. Go on safari

Get the wellies on, wrap up warmly and hand out magnifying glasses, jam jars (for viewing catches) and notebooks for sketching. Autumn is the best time of year for collecting leaves and seeds, and slugs, snails, millipedes, woodlice can all be found, collected and inspected. Count their eyes and legs and watch how they move, then bigger children can have a go at sketching them. Download a useful leaflet describing wildlife in autumn from www.ni-environment.gov.uk

4. Build a den

Woods and parks are full of natural building materials, such as fallen branches, leaves and bracken. And in autumn there are leaves, leaves and more leaves to use as carpeting and roofing. Organisations such as the Forestry Commission even organise den-building events. Structures may collapse, however lovingly built, so watch out for toddlers hiding inside.

5. Get conker bonkers

Generations of children have collected and played conkers each autumn. The best conkers to play with are uncracked and round. Make a hole through the middle and thread through some string about 25cm long. Tie a knot at one end of the string. Players then let the conkers hang down and take turns to hit each other’s conker. The loser is the one whose conker is completely destroyed. There are many complicated conker rules, but you can ignore these and just go for the total destruction angle. The village of Ashton in Northamptonshire hosts the World Conker Championship each October. Children can turn up and play on the day.


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Among the best adventures, you can have if you've got a big family is getting a bounce house. Bounce houses have generally lost the appeal the 90's kids had and it's time to bring it all back to life.

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