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Joe Blogs meets Mary McCartney and Johnnie b

Smart boy about town meets Mary McCartney and Johnnie b

Posted: 23 April 2010
by Joe

Wow! Yesterday was a big party day for me. Headed to Selfridges with my sister, Grace, for the launch of a new T-shirt designed by Mary McCartney for Mini A Ture. Can't wait to get hold of one myself, especially as it's for a really good cause: the Sunway Children's Home in India. The party was so much fun, with helpers on hand from Purple Dragon, who gave me four tatoos! They also had a drum set so I had a quick go on that. Don't you think I look cool? My sister and her friends Sian, Katia and Gaby were really impressed to see someone called Sinitta there (?). I just liked hanging out with the other kids in the chill-out room.

Later, we headed off to the Oui Rooms at Oxford Circus for the launch of Johnnie b. I got to meet the Big B himself, though I was a bit miffed that he thought I was in my pyjamas. Perhaps my look was too matchy-matchy for his taste, but actually it was Duffer by St George and Ballantyne. I was definitely the youngest dude at the party: it was packed full of teen spirit. You could practically smell it! I got to play table football with the girls, do some graffiti art, and they had this really cool photo booth where we took some fun snapshots. I even saw Johnnie in a fez and feather boa! My best compliment of the night came from DJ Daisy Dares You, who told me: "Green Boy is so cute!”

Love J

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