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The great design evolution: children's furniture

Some of the world’s most iconic designer furniture is distinctly cool comfort for today’s children. So how has this modern design evolution come about?

Posted: 1 September 2011
by Junior

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The general consensus among design experts is that there a number of factors contributing to the shift in the market over the past ten years. “Our retailers confirm that parents are much more informed when they come to buy products nowadays,” explains Strand. “They don’t visit a shop to find out what is available, they carry out their research first, through internet guides and blogs and see what other people have, so that by the time they actually come into the shop the salesperson just gives them the final reassurance that they are making the right choice.” 

While it is usually the large retailers who dictate the most popular products in the marketplace by making certain styles available on a broader scale, the really exciting dimension to today’s market in children’s products lies with the many independent designers who have also managed to get a foothold making high-quality, thoughtfully designed products for children. The marketing of products created by these individuals has, in many instances, been made possible by the changing way that parents choose and buy products. Web retailers – like Sparkability and Modernseed in the US, Funkymoose and Little Fashion Gallery in the UK, and TinyDodo and Rasselfisch in Europe – make new designs available all the time, while blogs and websites also offer reviews of new products every day. Many designers are parents who became frustrated by what was (or was not) available in the market for their own children and so decided to turn their talents to making higher quality products for themselves and other like-minded, design-conscious parents. 

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The fact is, modern design started almost a century ago, and the good news is that now, more than ever, you and your children can benefit from the great design evolution that has been occurring over the past hundred years. chesterfield furniture

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