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Dream designs: the best children's products

The modern family home can be a style statement that effortlessly combines aesthetic appeal and functionality. Just choose your props wisely...

Posted: 6 September 2011
by Junior

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Credit where credit’s due: there is a lot of high-end design in children’s products. There are many eye-catching creations that send parents reaching for their wallets, but there are also designs that transcend the ordinary and make the day-to-day work of raising small children less trying and much more aesthetically pleasing. Some of these are simply brilliant new designs that follow logical systems of functionality and meet today’s stringent safety standards. Most are also beautiful to look at and touch, roll, stroke, sit on or use. 

While there are certain children’s products whose iconic status in the design-conscious playroom will never fade, there is also a wave of newcomers that promises, if not to eclipse the classics, to certainly generate equal excitement about what’s now available and yet to come. So here’s a selection of some of the most exciting and inspiring products from around the world. Being a family never looked so good…

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