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Designing the future: family home trends

This century has brought with it a whole new way of thinking about design for the family home. Here we reveal the five most important new trends

Posted: 2 September 2011
by Junior

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5. Sustainable future

This trend is primarily about helping the environment, but it’s also about enjoying the fun and flexibility that recycled materials offer, as well as encouraging an appreciation of the beauty of natural materials. 

At one end of the spectrum, recycled materials are being used in products that can easily be adapted to your immediate purpose, then disassembled and recycled when you no longer need them (just take a look at the Perf Boxes from Offi). At the other end of the spectrum are those pieces that are intended as a statement of craftsmanship, celebrating the wide array of aesthetic possibilities of natural materials, from the flexibility of bamboo to the gorgeous colours and textures of woods and the rich patina of metals. Any imperfections are seen as part of the story of a piece, which is great in the family home, as it can then be allowed to age disgracefully with spills and drawings becoming a natural extension of its heritage. 

“If the past century was about exploring new product possibilities (such as plastic), this century will be defined by our search for sustainable products,” says Romy Boesveldt from Kids On Roof. “Consuming blindly is no longer an option – instead consumption will be focused on the longer-term possibilities.” 

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