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Author Grace Saunders's Victorian family home

Author Grace Saunders takes us on a tour of her Victorian family home where tales of romance, travel and adventure are all part of the furniture

Posted: 2 September 2011
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Up one more flight of stairs – in the loft conversion -– is six-year-old Bella’s room, which is deliciously girly. Decorated in pinks and whites, Bella has a lovely white French armoire with panel doors that have glass inserts; through these, you can see all her pretty summer dresses hanging in a rainbow of sugar-sweet colours. Pairs of tiny sequinned Moroccan slippers that were brought back from a “grown-ups only” trip away sit alongside her armoire, while a brand new dressing table, just like Mummy’s, is covered with Bella’s own little treasure trove: Russian dolls, mini atomisers, crayons in small coloured glasses and fruity tubes of lip balm. “I bought it all secretly for her,” says Grace. “I moved it into her room while she was sleeping the night before her birthday, so that when she woke up it would be a wonderful birthday surprise.”

Bella’s younger brother Gabriel is one hundred per cent football mad. In particular, Arsenal mad. “He’s absolutely desperate to have the whole Arsenal kit and caboodle in his room – posters, bedding, framed football kit, the lot,” sighs Grace. “At the moment, he’s got a Cath Kidston dotted blue-and-white theme going on –there’s a puppet theatre, a boat bookshelf and lots of boyish paraphernalia that I think is lovely, but I am not sure for how much longer.”

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