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TEN Skincare Q&A with Amanda Ling - Best children's toiletries 2014 - HIGHLY COMMENDED

We meet the CEO behind the 2014 Junior Design Award-winning entry

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What is your name and job title?

Amanda Ling, CEO, Scrubs Etc limited

Can you tell us a little about the products you have entered into the awards, and why you think it is great for kids?

We entered our entire -TEN- Skincare range for babies and toddlers. The range is made in Italy in collaboration with a medical manufacturer, with whom we have worked for years. We wanted to bring to our mums and babies a range of formulations that are natural, effective and boutique. The products themselves are great for kids, because we really took on board what mums wanted for their kids. They primarily wanted safe and natural products; practical; fun and a feast for the senses. Our shampoo is tear-free and completely untangles the most unruly head of hair, and I would know with my 3 years old! The natural scent of our shampoo lingers for days on those little heads. Our massage oil is marzipan in a bottle, and such a treat for kids! Did I mention our Cleansing Foam, an amazing foam for mums to have while on the go! Kids love to press the pump, and it cleanses every little fold of skin and smells divine. At -TEN- Skincare we have tried hard to share our knowledge as well, with meaningful descriptions on the packaging; it is something we are quite passionate about!

Why do you think it stands out among the plethora of products available?

There are a few USPs to our range. For one not many baby products are boxed, and we wanted to deliver a smart-looking boutique range, however from a more practical point of view a box allowed us to share a lot more information about the product and what goes in it. It allows for a lot more text!

-TEN- Skincare, I believe, delivers a much more complete range of skincare than most others. It covers cleansing on the go (cleansing foam), bath time routine (shampoo + bath milk + cleansing lotion), sensitive skin (nappy cream) and pamper time (baby massage oil).

The range was created and developed by a mum, who understands the importance of gentle formulation and efficacy. For instance our diaper cream, is easily applied, a much thinner formulation than many others which doesn’t drag the skin. Many mums now like to apply it for every change, so you really need a nappy cream that isn’t too sticky to apply.

Why do you think it is important for children’s toiletries to be so skin friendly?

The epidermis of young children is much more fragile than that of an adult. Our skin helps us keep ‘the world’ outside; however a little one’s skin is the opposite, it allows more substances in. The top layer of the skin, epidermis, is also not as tightly attached to the sub layer and therefore a lot more gets through it. Given that we live in environments that are polluted and, at times, high in allergens; it is essential that little ones’ skin be protected. Our formulations have been developed to reduce the risk of allergies and are free from all the nasties.

Can you give us top tips for making bathtime fun?

The old classics work best here! Play, play and play. I play restaurant and milkshake bar with my daughter. Kids love role play, their imagination really is amazing! A sponge can become a cake, a cup a great ‘cup of tea’, there is no need for too many expensive items for bath time. ‘I spy’ or ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’ work well too. As I said, the old classics still work best. Kids love to do it all themselves as well. So get them to partake in cleaning their arms and legs and even their hair.

What is the secret to managing skincare and washing routines? 

So much of childhood is about play and learn and I suppose the ‘toilette’ of our kids is no exception. It should be fun, painless, and fast, with the exception of a baby massage. Their attention span is much shorter and they can get a little frustrated if things take too long, so effective products that works fast really do help.

For instance our Baby Shampoo is tear-free and completely untangles knots.  Some kids are sensitive with their hair, and if indeed the hair is knotted, they will associate this part of the routine with pain and be very reluctant to do it.

Our Baby Massage Oil moisturises little ones’ skin, while helping them unwind and drift to sleep. Doing this just before bed time is ideal as it helps little ones on their way to the land of nod. It is also a great way for mums and dads to bond with their baby.

Why did you enter these products into the Junior Design Awards?

Our range of products was entered as we feel that it is different from other offerings in the market, and unique in its style while practical in terms of ingredients and their benefits. It is a competitive market place, where large players have the means to advertise, whether or not the formulation is any good. It is much harder for independent brands to get the recognition that they deserve. Therefore, in competing for this award we are very much hoping to raise the profile of -TEN- Skincare which uses medical-grade natural ingredients across the range, and ensure that many more mums and babies can benefit from it!

What’s new for the collection?

-TEN- Skincare is looking to launch an eau de toilette that is gentle on skin, natural and with a gentle scent. Eau de toilette used to be something that every grandmother had, and we used it when I was a kid. There is something very simple yet sophisticated about it, and we would like to bring some of that vintage sentiment into our range; while making it very subtle in terms of fragrance. Little girls love the idea of being able to put ‘perfume’ on!

We also have a soothing cream, which has not been launched in Boots yet.  The cream itself is formulated for kids that have very sensitive skin, and speaking to mums at The Baby Show last year, that is the case with many children nowadays. -TEN- Baby Soothing & Nourishing Lotion is enriched with sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, liquorice and oat extracts to soothe away irritation. It has a lovely fragrance (not liquorice though!) very much in keeping with the rest of the line.


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