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Sophie la Girafe Cosmetics cosmetics Q&A - Best children's toiletries 2014 - HIGHLY COMMENDED

We meet the CEO behind the 2014 Junior Design Award-winning entry

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What is your name and job title?

Hi, I am Jonna Jalkanen. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Sophie la girafe Cosmetics. I have developed the concept and products of Sophie la girafe Cosmetics skincare with our marvellous team.

Can you tell us a little about the product you have entered into the awards, and why you think it is great for kids?

Sophie la girafe Baby is a range of Ecocert-certified natural and organic care products that were designed for extremely fragile newborn skin; very delicate and sensitive. The ingredients we use are extremely gentle, yet very caring.

Organic White Tea – from which we use only as whole leaves to maintain their potency –is great in terms of antioxidant power, to soothe and moisturize. 
We believe that when using our products, your skin feels more comfortable, and looks healthier. 

Certified natural and organic is, according to today’s knowledge, the safest and most non-toxic form of skincare. We entered the Junior Design Awards as we really love this concept, so as adults, we can focus on other things. We also hope to increase the awareness of  these safe ingredients to our children and the planet.  Both Junior Design Awards and Sophie la girafe are respected brands that can influence our children’s choices as they .

Why do you think it stands out among the plethora of products available?

We believe our products stand out for several reasons: first of they are organic, in fact, a new era of organic as the formulas are extremely evolved and incredibly pleasant: they are easy to apply, they penetrate well – and the consistency is superior. We think that thanks to this new generation of organic skincare, even the most fastidious consumer will choose the safest choice, without having to make compromises in application, absorbtion, and indulging yet subtle scents.

Some of the high quality ingredients we use are normally reserved for skincare for adults as they can be quite expensive. However, as a small family company, we are able to offer all our products to families at less than 20€, despite similar quality ‘grown-up’ products costing 2-3 times the amount…

Actually, when you think about conventional skincare, the brands that use the highest concentrations of natural oils and substances, are the extremely expensive ones… Our clients have said our price-to-quality ratio is excellent. Therefore some moms have changed from their ‘luxury French creams’ to try ours. They have realised that the textures and the concept and appearance are similar : chic and attractive, however, obviously organic and more friendly to family budget.

Why do you think it is important for children’s toiletries to be so skin friendly?

Skin is our largest organ, so we should treat it with love. Particularly children’s skin as it´s so delicate, so thin, at only one fifth of an adult skin. So it´s very important to understand what to use and what not.

We already think about what to eat and consume, and we are starting to understand why. Organic is a good choice always when possible.
Sophie la girafe Baby offers a great certified natural and organic choice.

Can you give us top tips for making bathtime fun?

Oh, we just love bathing at Sophie la girafe Cosmetics! Everything that squeaks or squirts or splashes is part of the most memorable bathtime moments.

Use extremely mild cleansers and foamy baths, like Sophie la girafe Baby Hair & Body Wash or Sophie la girafe Baby Bubble Bath, not to wash away the natural protection (lipidic barrier) from the skin, as it´s the first step to skin problems….

We also think that babies and children do not need to be rubbed with cleansers every day.  Only when they get dirty. Maybe twice a week? A Bottom though is a whole different story!

What is the secret to managing skincare and washing routines?

Like with all routines, one just has to remember to do it! But more than thinking of having routines, as it sounds like being something obligatory that’s not fun to do, we encourage all parents and kids to think of the moments of detangling, washing, moisturizing as being a fun or close quality time spent together.

It´s after all the opportunity to caress your little one gently, have him/her close to you. Why not make it fun!  Let the kids spread the cream a bit on themselves, they are so cute when playing with the tubes. Let them even take care of mom and dad! They will feel more confident with themselves, too. 

We recently heard from a mom of teenager who used to massage her daughter when she was young, that even today now she´s 13, the rare special little moments are the ones when she asks her Mom to massage her. How often does it happen that your teenagers let you come you close? Hurray for baby oils, face creams and gentle touches!

Why did you enter this product into the Junior Design Awards?

We are so proud that the global star and beloved baby toy Sophie la girafe which is sold in more than 60 countries already finally has her own skincare, and it´s organic! With super star Sophie we are able to increase people´s knowledge about gentle, safe ingredients and good times spent with your closest ones. 
We love that seasoned professionals in this business help families to discover the true stars.

What’s new for the collection?

We launched the range only recently in March 2014 in the UK, so we are less than one year old. We are launching more exciting things soon!

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