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Sleepyhead Grand Q&A with Lisa Furuland - Most innovative parenting product 2014 - HIGHLY COMMENDED

"The GRAND pod is for children wanting the security of being surrounded and snug"

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Lisa Furuland, founder, owner, designer at Enfant Terrible Design a.k.a. Sleepyhead® of Sweden

Can you tell us a little about the product you have entered into the awards?

SLEEPYHEAD® GRAND is a new and unique stage 2 pod, which makes the internationally acclaimed SLEEPYHEAD® a complete sleep system (with the DELUXE pod for babies [approx. 0-8 months], and the GRAND pod for toddlers [approx. 8-36 months]).

The GRAND pod is for children wanting the security of being surrounded and snug. This stage 2 pod doubles as a lounger. It facilitates safe sleep in various types of cots, travel beds, junior and single beds, as the bumpers act as a bed guard, preventing young children from falling out. SLEEPYHEAD® GRAND provides a safe environment for children to snuggle up in for a good night's sleep. It also aids the often difficult transition from a crib to a bed.

What makes it innovative?

Innovation is inventing solutions to everyday problems and simplifying life. Superb functionality is to be multifunctional. In that way, it offers added value, too, which equals value for money. Swedish SLEEPYEHAD® GRAND is a unique and patented portable and multifunctional pod for toddlers - whilst lounging, resting or sleeping. Our pods are made in Europe from select hiqh-quality materials. Versatility and quality equals sustainability and longevity.

The climate in the world is important, but equally important is the micro climate surrounding your child. SLEEPYHEAD® GRAND has excellent air-permeability and anti-microbial properties. The pod is fully washable, and the cover is exchangeable. For the style-conscious, we offer an array of cover styles.

The internationally acclaimed SLEEPYHEAD® DELUXE lasts a child up to approximately 8 months. Now, with the SLEEPYHEAD® GRAND, we’ve made a great product and concept available to children as they grow bigger. A happy child makes happy parents.

In other words, SLEEPYHEAD® GRAND truly embodies the Junior Design Awards criteria: design + superb functionality + innovation + exceptional quality + value for money.

Why do you think it stands out among the plethora of parenting products available?

There are no other toddler sleep pods on the market. In the category of bed guards, it’s unique thanks to its design, being textile and hence soft, being hygienic and breathable whilst being multifunctional in that it is portable and doubles as a lounger, too. Additionally, thanks to the various cover styles, it is possible to make a design statement through one’s choice of cover. Consequently, the SLEEPYHEAD® GRAND can become a prominent design feature in any home or child’s room.

What do you think are the hallmarks of outstanding parenting product design?

Hallmarks of outstanding parenting product design are a combination of design , superb functionality, innovation, exceptional quality and value for money – which is something that SLEEPYHEAD® GRAND celebrate and embodies.

Why did you enter this product into the Junior Design Awards?

The SLEEPYHEAD® DELUXE has been Shortlisted in the Junior Design Awards no less than three times (2011 x 1 category; 2012 x 2 categories), and we have experienced first hand the significant value such a finalist title and logo brings. The Junior Design Awards is the most prestigious design competition of all, and to make it there means that your brand represents something truly fantastic.

8 What is the parenting product you wish you had designed?

I’d say any BabyBjörn products. After all, I’m Swedish!


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