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Johnson & Johnson's Bedtime Q&A - Best children's toiletries 2014 - HIGHLY COMMENDED

We meet the brand manager behind the 2014 Junior Design Award highly commended entry

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What is your name and job title?

Will Murray, Brand Manager JOHNSON’S® Baby UK

Can you tell us a little about the product you have entered into the awards, and why you think it is great for kids?

We have entered the JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime range which includes five products: Bath, Lotion, Wash, Oil and Cream. Parents can also use these products as a part of our 3-step bedtime routine, which is clinically proven to help babies sleep better. All of the products contain NaturalCalm™, which is a patented blend of relaxing aromas.

Why do you think it stands out among the plethora of products available?

Our 3-step bedtime routine is a real point of difference as it is clinically proven to help babies sleep better in just two weeks. You begin with a warm bath with JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME BATH®, a gentle massage with either the JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIMELOTION™ or theJOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME OIL™, and then a few minutes of quiet time to help babies fall asleep faster and have fewer night awakenings!

Why do you think it is important for children’s toiletries to be so skin friendly?

Children’s skin is different to adult skin and needs extra special care, particularly during the first years of life. Compared to an adult’s skin, a baby’s skin:

·       Is about 30% thinner

·       Has a greater tendency to dryness

·       Is more prone to allergies and irritation

·       Absorbs more water, but loses it faster

For these reasons, it’s important that mild and gentle products, developed especially for children, are used when caring for your little one’s skin.

Can you give us top tips for making bathtime fun?

Here are a few ideas for babies aged 6-15 months:

1.     Use wooden spoons, plastic containers, etc for a fun music-making session.

2.     Blow bubbles - simply drop a little JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo on your hands and then form a ring with thumbs and forefingers - and blow giant bubbles!    

3.     Swimming lessons. With one hand underneath them, gently swish baby up and down the bath - let's see those legs kicking!

4.     Bubble beard - give yourself a beard made out of bubbles, and see the chuckles you'll get.

What’s new for the collection?

In a recent study, 8/10 mums agreed that the hero product - JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME BATH® helps calm and relax their baby, and 9/10 mums would recommend the JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME BATH® to other parents (BabyCentre Survey, 2014, n=191).

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