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It's relaxation all round with the Tiddley Pom Baby Spa

Can’t settle your fractious, crinkly-faced babe? A soothing massage could be the answer. Emma Nash, creator of the Tiddley Pom Baby’s First Spa Experience set, explains why

Posted: 30 May 2011
by Helen McKay-Ferguson

Lots of people have to wait until they’re adults to have their first spa experience. Why did you want to develop a spa range for the very young?
Any adult who has experienced a spa treatment will know how soothing and relaxing it is. I wanted to harness the multi-sensory aspects of a spa – aromatherapy, massage and music – which are used so successfully to relax adults, and apply them to relaxing parents and babies. Indeed, it does more than an adult spa treatment, as it helps nurture the bond between parent and baby. There is also a lot of research which suggests that aromatherapy, music and massage can assist brain development.

Do you think babies get stressed?  
Yes. The birthing process and the first few weeks and months of life can be a very stressful experience for a baby. This stress can push parents to their limits so it is essential that they have some tools to help calm and relax a fractious baby.

What is it about an aromatic spa experience that babies find so relaxing? 
It is a combination of music, massage and aromatherapy. Each of these elements has been carefully crafted by Tiddley Pom to maximise the relaxing effect. Smell, sound and touch have long been known to have an effect on the brain.  It is no different for babies.

What are your own favourite aromas?
My favourite aroma is English Lavender.  There is something distinctive about this type of lavender which sets it apart from other lavender oils.  It reminds me of sunny afternoons playing in the garden (where we grew English Lavender) in Surrey with my brothers.

What would say to parents who have never tried baby massage before and are feeling nervous?
It is a natural reaction to be cautious. The Tiddley Pom organic skin care products were formulated by the UK's leading baby formulator. They were tested for safety and were finally given the thumbs up from the Tiddley Pom group of mothers who test all of our products prior to launch. We have even used the nappy balm on eczema with good results so we are confident about the safety of our products.

Why are natural ingredients so important to you?
The natural world offers a wide range of safe, effective and active ingredients which offer an alternative to the harsh, synthetic chemicals which many baby products are packed with.  It cannot be a coincidence with the increase in use of chemicals in baby skincare there has been a 50 per cent increase in babies and children going to their doctor for skin conditions such as eczema. I worry about how our children and future generations are going to look after their skin if this trend continues.  Natural ingredients rarely have a negative effect on the skin and as such parents should always look for the gentle natural baby skincare products in the shops.

How often would recommend parents treat their baby to a spa experience? 
As often as they like!  I know some parents who use the massage DVD and oil or lotion on a daily basis as part of bed time routine and some who use it as a weekend treat.  Of course all the products can be used separately.

And how often to you recommend them treating themselves (!)?
As much as possible!

How do you relax as a family?
We have dogs so we walk in the countryside a lot. I love the natural world and it is important for me to show my daughter Iris (aged four) why it is so important and educate her. We love to go on picnics, to playgrounds and, of course, to the farm!

Tiddley Pom Baby’s First Spa Experience set won a Junior Design Awards in our category for Best Eco Skincare

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