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gNappies: Best Eco Nappy, Junior Design Awards 2014 WINNER

What the brand says, what the judges thought and where to buy...

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They Say:

gNappies are worthy of our babies and their future.

Nappy changing is not the most pleasant part of everyday life for parents!  Adding to that, nappies are a burden to the planet and a threat to the future we, are trying to create for our babies.  

gNappies are redefining the disposable, with biodegradable disposable inserts which compost in a home composter faster than vegetable peelings and absorbent enough to work for real parents with busy lives. Thus giving parents the choice of an easy, guilt-free solution, and focussing on enjoying baby. Our colourful gPants designs make changing times BRIGHTER too. 

1) gNappies gorgeous designs inspire parents to take a little more time in the everyday with their children. We release limited edition gPants designs twice yearly, so just choosing the nappy colour for the day makes a dirty chore a little more fun.

 2) gNappies are thoughtfully designed to reduce rash, rubbing and discomfort for baby. Soft cotton outside, and a breathable inner in our patented high-tech gBreathe™ material with a soft edge trim, allows airflow without rubbing. We have removed polyethylene, polypropylene, perfumes and other nasties that don’t belong near baby’s sensitive skin. A soft rib has replaced the common tight elastic around the thighs.

 3) Our disposable inserts are the only certified cradle-to-cradle® nappies. That means that they not only biodegrade, they biodegrade to produce positive nutrients for the earth.

4) Parents want the best for their children’s future. Yet the ease and convenience of the everyday understandably wins out with the majority of us over a long term sustainable solution. So in the last 50 years disposable nappies containing plastic and chemicals have been generating landfill mountains that will take 500 years to biodegrade.

We at gNappies believe our children deserve better and if we can send rockets to mars, and design iPads, then we can design and make nappies worthy of our children.

 5) Combining great design and functionality without sacrificing the environment is paramount to gNappies. We are not there yet, we continue to drive forward and innovate and improve, so watch this space!

Judges Comments:

"We love gNappies! A thoughtfully designed product that is forging the way towards convincing parents that eco nappies are the way forward."

Where to Buy:


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