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Royal London Hospital unveils new “healing space” for children

Cutting-edge technology and quirky style collide in this interactive room for young patients

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Royal London Hospital

A new “healing space” that uses installation art and cutting-edge technology to encourage sick children to play opened at the Royal London Hospital yesterday.

Young patients at the hospital in Whitechapel will be able to star in their own interactive Alice In Wonderland style game through a giant TV screen and state-of-the-art digital technology which allows them to virtually paint, play music and control weather on screen.

According to experts, this colourful and creative interior could speed up recover for child patients and relieve the monotony of being stuck in hospital. 

This eye-catching space is a joyful reminder that sometimes laughter is the best medicine, and this pioneering play scheme will help encourage children to unleash their inner artist and let their imaginations run wild and have fun!

Photography by: Gareth Gardner


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What a bright, innovative space this is

Posted: 19/02/2013 at 13:21

This is such a creative and nice idea! All the research paper writing services should work on this healing space in the hospital and publish it so that other hospitals can learn from the Roal London Hospital as well. I really like this idea and feel like it would work really good for the young patients!

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