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'Getting fit after having a baby': A 'how to' series of exercises - Part two: 'The lunge'

Struggling to find motivation to feel fit? Follow editor of The Mini Post, and new mum, Orlagh's progress as she trials the CariFit exercise programme

Posted: 2 November 2015
by Catherine Hudson

"This week we’re going to concentrate on The Lunge, which features heavily throughout a CARiFiT class in lots of different ways - basic static lunge each leg, side lunge, arms raised lunge. Like every exercise, done in the correct way lunges is a great exercise to improve your core strength and balance, across your bum and tummy in particular.

One of the most commonly reported errors with lunges is stepping into the lunge and allowing the front knee to lean over the toes, putting a lot of stress on the knee. Other common mistakes include leaning the upper body forward or to one side instead of staying upright, and looking down, which can strain the neck."

How to do a lunge correctly:

  • Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about 90 degrees.
  • Don't let your front knee lean over the toes as you lunge. 
  • Keep your upper body upright at all times and look straight ahead
  • When you’re feeling comfortable you can reach and give you baby a kiss on the head!

CARiFiT allows new mums to get a whole body workout designed with the following objectives:

* Unique bonding opportunity with baby whilst working out 
* Total body strength and flexibility 
* Total body tone
* Social interaction
* Improved mood and well-being
* Coordination in different movement patterns


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