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Celebrity hairdresser, Daniel Galvin Jr, gives us his top children's hair tips

We caught up with hair guru, Daniel Galvin Jr, to give us his top tips for children's hair

Daniel Galvin Jr haircare collection
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Daniel Galvin Junior haircare

Junior: How often should you wash a child's hair?

Daniel Galvin Jr: It completely depends on age and hair type.  The younger they are, less you will need to wash it, being careful not to strip the natural oils from their little scalps and remember, the more you wash it the more sensitised a scalp can become.

From when they start school, I would advise not washing every day.  The finer the hair, the greasier it gets but from when they start school, I really advocate washing their hair daily. It encourages over productive sebum and will only make it greasier.

If they’re swimming once a week wash it at bathtime and then again on Sunday before school on Monday.

Junior: Does it matter if you don't brush it? (Thinking of kids that don't like it brushed!)

Daniel Galvin Jr: It’s really important to brush their hair.  The knottier it becomes the more damaging it is to their hair and the worse and more painful the process will become for all involved!

Comb through using a good conditioner and detangler, it is less painful for their scalps and it will become routine at bathtime.

Junior: Do you have any tips on nit prevention or treatment?

Daniel Galvin Jr: Nits are always going to be a problem and I am forever asked the prevention question.

I advise my clients to when you put conditioner on use a nit comb to comb the hair through as it will always pick up any eggs that are there, 

Also, put Tea Tree oil (or Lavender oil) on your finger and wipe it around the hairline, when the hair is dry – it acts like a repellent.

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