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Save your energy

12 ways to lower your carbon footprint

Posted: 18 April 2010
by Judith Eagle

1. Switch off  Televisions, computers and sound systems still use up to 80 per cent of their power when on standby

2. Unplug the phone charger  If everyone in the UK only plugged in when they needed to charde, we'd ave over 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. 

3. Be sparing with your water  If you fill your kettle up with just what's needed, you'll save water and power

4. Look for 'A-rated' appliances  These are the most efficient tried-and-tested appliances

5. Turn off the tap  Simply remembering to do this when brushing your teeth could save over 500 litres of water a month

6. Take showers instead of baths  The average shower takes around five minutes and uses 35 litres of water compared to 100 litres for the average bath. 

7. Switch to low-energy light bulbs  They last ten times longer and use 80 per cent less energy than conventional light bulbs

8. Install double glazing  It can just about halve heat loss, keeping your energy bills down

9. Switch to a green energy supplier  They sell power from renewable sources only

10. Turn off the lights  Lighting accounts for 50 per cent of your home's energy use. Think about investing in some occupancy sensors, which turn off lights when you leave the room

11. Get cavity wall insulation checked  If everyone had it, carbon dioxide emissions in the UK would be decreased by nine million tonnes each year

12. Green your roof  Not only will it encourage biodiversity, it improves local air quality and creates natural insulation

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